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Thread: PackfanMatt_12 Thoughts on the Super Bowl

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    PackfanMatt_12 Thoughts on the Super Bowl

    After debating this with people on Twitter, friends, etc. This will be one of my last posts about it

    Why Did the 49ers Lose:

    The 49ers lost for several reasons, none of them are the guys in black and white

    1.) First Half
    Colin Kaepernick was flustered in the first half. For all the talk about him never being nervous, the big lights and the Super Bowl got to him. He had some overthrows and just made some poor decisions. Would have been much better off letting him run and letting Gore pound the Ravens defense early. 10% blame on Kaepernick 40% on Jim Harbaugh 50% on Greg Roman
    I said it before (maybe not on here) the 49ers defense is overrated. Yes they have the best LB's in the game, they have a stout defensive line but their secondary is atrocious. Speed absolutely kills Goldson and Culliver, we saw it against Julio Jones, Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones. They can not stop the deep ball and that is something they will desperately need to fix this offseason. Let Goldson go, you can find a better S in the 1st Round. Then there were the turnovers Lamichael James fumble in BAL territory was a killer and cost SF a minimum of 3 points. As for the Kaepernick interception. let me first admit I enjoyed seeing that. Not because Kaep threw it but because Randy Moss who called himself "the greatest WR of All-Time" once again proved why he doesn't come close to Rice's legacy. Rice would have leaped up and had a chance at that ball let alone he would have knocked it away. Moss just watched it sail through the air and get picked off. That costly turnover is on Randy Moss not Kaepernick.

    The first half and 2nd play of the second half are in a nut shell what was wrong with San Francisco. Awful playcalling, small mistakes by Kaepernick, Randy Moss and getting beat by the deep ball.

    2nd Half:
    A great comeback in the second half but just two problems
    1.) When kaepernick called the timeout because there was a problem with the play. That is a major problem. You can't make mistakes like that in the Super Bowl and cost your team a valuable TO. Also on the final 4 plays. The final 3 passes he targeted Crabtree every time, never went in another direction . The final play for SF say what you want about it, was a bad throw. Kaepernick overthrew it, even Crabtree said he wasn't going to be able to catch it because it was overthrown.

    Awful play-calling in this game, maybe some of the worst by San Francisco all season. The first half was a joke, and the final series was also 4 of the worst decisions that could have been made.

    Final Play: Yes that was holding. It was the final play and should/could have been called. It didn't cost SF the game though, they were down because of the mistakes above. Let's say they do call it though, i will go back to another hypothetical

    The running into the kicker. Akers did a tremendous job acting on that play, he deserves an award because that was impressive. It was a clean dive and Akers acting drew the flag. If that isn't called (I don't think it should have been) that FG is missed and the 49ers are down 8

    As for the safety holding. Yes there was holding but no matter what it would have been a safety, what is being ignored is how unprepared San Francisco was for it. They treated it like a punt and sent guys back. Should have rushed everyone.

    In the end San Francisco lost because of

    Refs had nothing to do with it

    Jacoby Jones was my Super Bowl MVP

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    I agree with all points. Playcalling just wasn't there...SF still mustered a comeback (they were down 28-6 at one point!) and they showed that signature 'score a bunch of points quickly' (they did it against GB, to breakaway and against ATL, to get back in the game).

    Kaepernick played much better in the 2nd half compared to 1st. Gore was also playing much better, and had some big runs, in the 2nd half. The problem was: They gave up too many easy points (careless turnover, 108-yard kickoff return)

    Regarding the Akers kick: That rule needs to be changed. Those defenders are giving it all they have, trying to get in position to block/tip the ball. A lot of those guys only play special teams, so they see the field for maybe 5-10 snaps a game. The bottomline is: Unless a defender has the intent to harm or to blatantly run/rough the kicker, it should not be a penalty. I'm sick of kickers getting barely touched and then flopping to the ground. It's football, get the fuck out

    As for the secondary: Chris Culliver especially was getting lit up. The Ravens made the vertical passes that they have been converting all playoffs. Boldin played well in the clutch.

    Great game overall.

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    Also: Are you going to start referring to yourself in 3rd person like Monta Ellis?


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