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Thread: T-Rob and Garcia traded to Houston

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloatedmaniac View Post
    ESPN's best and worst moves of the deadline list:

    Everyone picked the Kings for the worst, and justifiably so. I like Strauss's comments:

    Strauss: The aforementioned Maloofs should be feeling shame, and would be feeling shame were they capable of such emotions. Teams don't draft a guy that high, only to deal him for cash within the season. That's what an ABA owner might have done, not an NBA owner in 2013.
    Yeah great feedback. At least the Kings ownership is recognized for what they are. I'd love to run into curly Joe Maloof somewhere let him know how I feel. Does anyone believe the Hansen Balmer group was in the loop on this. Again where is Petrie the spineless puppet and his braindead ramblings on how excited we are to be welcome the latest additions to the Kings family.
    I recon the money they saved raping this fan base wont even cover the next few years of Adrienne's plastics needs.

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    Wojo said that Balmer and co were "briefed" but legally, given the pending sale, I'd assume they'd have to be. People are mistaking that for the Balmer group giving them permission though, which I highly doubt is the case.

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    Sadly we still have a PG mess. We are gonna lose Tyreke at end of season and get nothing for him. We still have horrible players in Hayes,Salmons,Aldrich,Outlaw =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Harry View Post
    Derrick Favors being the only legitimate bust (maybe) of that group
    so the other 3 were all bad trades IMO

    Donyell Marshall for Tom Gugliota - Donyell went on to have a decent career
    Chauncey Billups traded after his rookie season for no one - uh yah
    Drew Gooden traded for Ryan Humphries- Gooden had an okay career
    Derrick Favors & Devin Harris traded for Deron Williams - a no brainer

    IMO T-Rob will end up making the Maloofs look even more inept

    Just want to chime in, Favors ain't no bust.

    Do I need a receipt to bring the sexy back?


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